Yearly Archives: 2019

20 Sep, 2019

Final conference Localize It in Portugal


On 4-5 September the final conference of the EU project Localize It took place in Figueira da Foz, Portugal with 30 prevention experts/project partners from eleven European countries. In two and a half years the project partners accompanied and advised 22 municipalities in the development and implementation of a local alcohol strategy – Figueira da Foz is one of them.

At the final conference, the partners reported on their experiences, evaluation results and a manual developed within the framework of the project was presented. Furthermore, possibilities for the sustainable anchoring of the Local Alcohol Strategy as well as for the further dissemination of the approach to other European municipalities were collected. The manual describes in detail the process of the Local Alcohol Strategy, gives practical advice and contains field reports from participating municipalities, from which other municipalities and professionals can benefit. The manual will be available electronically in nine languages by the end of September.

19 Mar, 2019

Second Workshop –action plans and how to get from plan to action?


After the partners had met in four smaller groups from June to October 2018 for further planning in the selected settings (schools; parental work; nightlife, festivals, retail and gastronomy; and traffic safety), the second workshop for the entire project group took place in Palermo, Italy, from 11 to 14 December 2018.

Here, the partners reported to each other about the planned measures in the 22 municipalities involved in Localize It. All municipalities had so far drawn up an individual action plan based on the results of the Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) carried out at the start of the project and the good practice measures available. A challenge for most partners was and still is motivating the municipalities to take responsibility for the local alcohol strategy themselves and to make it their own. Positive side effects had also been noted: Awareness for problematic alcohol consumption of young people has been raised noticeably, new collaborations between local actors have been established and other municipalities have formed agreements with those already involved in the project.

Now in 2019, the main challenge for all partners will be to implement the measures defined in their action plans!

Furthermore, in 2019 a manual on the topic “development and implementation of a local alcohol strategy” will be developed which will provide practical examples and experience reports to support prevention experts and municipalities in taking joint action in the field of alcohol prevention. In Palermo, the partners developed first ideas for design and content for this manual.